Shannon Bacon has been a self-described “closet painter” since she was old enough to hold a paint brush. While her most notable artistic contributions over the past two decades have been marked by her career as a professional writer, film creator, photographer’s assistant and co-owner of Randy Bacon Photography/Cinematography, her art has always been part of her core. It represents her belief in painting and art therapy as a kind of story and connection to all of humankind.

Bacon's talent became "common knowledge” almost a decade ago when a good friend fell in love with a piece of her artwork, not knowing Bacon was even “serious” about painting! Before she knew it, and as word spread, it seemed like she couldn't paint fast enough.

Her collections are certainly an epitome of her heart, which is a reflection of thought processes and emotions stemming from her everyday interactions with people in “normal” life. Her paintings are created through rich connections and life changing events - ultimately the people who have characterized her life.

Her client commissions are a reflection of what her client’s “story” is, often a very personal work of art with a written story and/or poem adjoining each work. “I desire for my clients to look at something on their walls and feel like it isn’t just a pretty painting, but something that scratches their heart and soul - art that they would pass down in the family for years.”

Bacon also teaches art to all ages and group sizes as a therapeutic way to heal and unleash creativity, which in her words, “When we allow ourselves to get out of our lower brain, unleash pent up creativity, then we can release the much needed endorphins and increase those serotonin levels most of us need so deeply. Painting and creating art is a way to move into those higher parts of our brain and unwind," she says.

Bacon has shown her work locally in Springfield, MO at Obelisk Home and was the house artist at Hebrew’s Coffee for over five years. Other local exhibitions include John Q. Hammons Tower Club, Randy Bacon Gallery, Swank Salon and Gallery, Loehr Chiropractic and Bambino’s Restaurant and Art Gallery. Upcoming exhibitions include various venues in Catalonia and Spain, in 2018.

Shannon’s paintings preserve defining signs of her essence, of her deepest core emotions. She exhibits underground chaos from which more defined, live structures emerge, always going upwards, connected with reality. A recurring theme beautifully expressed in different ways and always with a rough touch that gives it a surreal patina. It’s perhaps a subconscious way she strives to capture a part of her own life... on the canvas.
— M.B.B.

To inquire about art exploration classes, to see more of her artwork and/or for purchase/commission detail: WRITE ME HERE, EMAIL: shannonbacon50@gmail; FACEBOOK: SHANNON BACON - ARTIST; INSTAGRAM: Shannonrbacon 


"Everyone is an artist of some kind. Most of us just don't think we are because we have an idea of what an "artist" is. Or many don't have the confidence. Since I am a self-taught artist and now teach art creativity sessions, I see the amazement of faces as people unlock their minds and just let go. At the end, they often ask me, 'How did I paint this?'. It makes me giddy with joy!"

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"At times, you just don't need a plan. For me, if we can't live present we miss so much planning for something that may not even happen. And that's a little bit like art. Just pick up some paints and something to paint on and go. You WILL surprise yourself. And, I bet you will feel really free."

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"Life, people and our mysterious world - the most perfect inspirations to create.  Let all the little and big things into your heart and creativity. Look around with bright eyes as you live each day and you will be inspired. So many of us just forget to look. There are more roses than thorns."