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A dream of mine for ages has been to hold creativity and writing sessions to not only help others, but myself. A self taught artist, I am proof it can be done. And note, I am NOT a certified teacher or art therapist! My B.S. is actually in Business Communications, emphasis P.R./Journalism minor, which I have utilized during my whole life; yet art and writing  for me has always been my relaxation and therapy WHEN I had time between my "rat race" life for many years. I am a creator and an encourager. Many "classes" we take typically have "rules", but in my art sessions I encourage you to break the rules and simply, CREATE! It isn't about WHAT is created, as much as HOW. It's about losing control to be in control through being vulnerable so we can allow ourselves to heal through feeling the freedom and non-judgement to be creative, not compared to. Most of all, couldn't most of us use a ton more fun in life? My sessions are about learning some non-traditional way to unlock all of those wonderful, pent up ideas in your brain...and shhhhh, we may even drink a lil' wine and dance a bit. Let's make all of those ideas come to life via art! Here's to unleashing and doing you as you are all artists, and don't even know it. All ages, minimum group size 5, no maximum size.